BMW X7 Limited car Nishijin Edition

BMW X7 Limited car Nishijin Edition BMW X7 Limited car Nishijin Edition


Kanoko's Nishijin-ori fabric was adopted in the Limited-Edition BMW X7 announced on September 21, 2021.


“Infinite brilliance of only three cars. BMW X7 NISHIJIN EDITION created based on the X7 model, which boasts the largest body in BMW history.

A car that reigns at the top of SAV by having on BMW Individual's special paint that changes its expression with light, and by decorating inside the car with Nishijin-ori fabric, the highest peak of textiles that originated in the Heian period.”

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The original fabric is “Syoun-nishiki”

Syoun-nishiki and Kanze-yokodan
Syoun-nishiki and Kanze-yokodan

“Syoun-nishiki” series, a masterpiece of obi produced by Kanoko, is a high-end work featuring a three-dimensional pattern not found in any other fabric.

The main pattern got lively like waxwork was boldly expressed with ultra-thick threads made by twisting raw threads more than 270 on the surface of the fabric. It is usually thought that the three-dimensional weaving of the fabric is easy for threads to get stuck, but it is designed with a highly sophisticated technique, so the thread does not float or unravel.

The gaps between patterns are woven with thing called Hikibaku, which is made by cutting Japanese paper into ultra-fine pieces and processed into threads. This gives fabric a sense of depth and luxury.

Trying a new fabric

Trying a new fabric

Syoun-nishiki uses the patterned Japanese paper cutting into 23 pieces per 3.03cm, but we have decided to change the specifications to 90 thin pieces per 3.03cm for THE X7. This allows the Haku (thing cut Japanese paper) to sink further into the fabric and increases the strength of the fabric. But we have never produced such a fabric in the past, so we had to reconstruct the pattern drawing, the blueprint of the fabric, from scratch.

Mr. Murata at Rakugei Koubo was responsible for designing and decorating the Haku. The fineness of the cut Haku is only one-fourth size of ordinary Syoun-nishiki. This delicate ultra-fine Hikibaku must be woven together with ultra-thick raw silk to create a bold expression.

A Skilled weaver
in charge of a special loom

A skilled craftsman at Kanoko

Mr. Nakamura, a skilled craftsman at Kanoko, was responsible for the weaving.

Fabrics applied Syoun-nishiki’s technique can only be produced with this loom. With an ordinary loom, if you try to weave a pattern with ultra-thick weft threads, the tension of the warp threads will be uneven, so the fabric will be distorted. It was this machine that solved the problem, the only machine renovated drastically Nishijin-ori's jacquard loom.

Even if a loom is suitable for weaving fabrics, it does not mean the fabrics will be woven automatically just when the switch is turned on. It is the technique of the skilled craftsmen to make the settings for the day while watching the condition of the thread and the Haku.

Completion of roof lining fabric

Completion of roof lining fabric

You can see how beautifully the ultra-fine base Hikibaku and the pattern part using thick thread are harmonized. The three-dimensional effect was enhanced by placing an extremely small, unpatterned space around the main pattern.

The armrest is
a leather “Woven fabric”

The armrest is a leather “Woven fabric”
The armrest is a leather “Woven fabric”

The roof lining fabric was a new fabric made of paper Hikibaku, but the armrest, a place where touched every day and required strength, was adopted Kanoko’s unique technology, cutting and weaving the Haku-processed(by Rakugei Koubo) BMW merino leather using the same technique used to make the ceiling fabric. In order to match its color with the color of the ceiling, the color intensity of the paper Haku and leather Haku was greatly changed.


Kanoko and Daisuke Kano

On September 21, a special venue was set up in BMW Aoyama Square and this special THE X7 was announced with a lot of media. At the presentation, Daisuke Kano, Kanoko's 5th-generation artisan, expressed his thoughts on the production.

upholstery(enlarge)BMW X7 NISHIJIN EDITION

Produced by Kiwakoto


The concept of combining traditional crafts with the latest industrial products by using Nishijin-ori fabric as the car interior to express a modern lifestyle was realized in the Kiwakoto project by Matsushima Holdings Group’s Company A-STORY, a major imported car dealer headquartered in Kyoto.

A custom car that blended traditional crafts


Kiwakoto can consult with you about custom cars that incorporate both various materials such as fabric, wood, metal, and traditional crafts such as weaving, painting, and dyeing. You can also see a variety of unique, customized demo cars in the store. (Varies by season). If you are interested, please visit the Kiwakoto website or the store for consultation.

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For more information on THE X7 and BMW models, please visit BMW Japan website.

THE X7 special edition has been sold out.